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Born in Iran to a family of artists and musicians, KANDI was exposed to music from the very first moments of her life. Her grandfather, a renowned teacher (Ostad) of traditional Persian music, from an early age, begun to train and educate KANDI in the art and techniques of traditional Persian music. Furthermore, KANDI’s mother, being a professional singer and performer, naturally, at the very young age of three years old, she embarked on formally training KANDI that has resulted in today's Voice of KANDI.

Although initially she chose to play the Accordion, KANDI quickly changed course to pursue her passion, which is to share her voice with the public. While still in elementary school, KANDI formed her first band, and commenced to perform at many local events.

In the mid-90’s, determined to further fallow her passion, KANDI decided to move to Canada. The country’s largest City of Toronto, being one of the western world’s cultural centers, exposed KANDI to many new varieties of music. KANDI quickly found herself attracted to these western genres, especially Rock and Pop music. During such time, KANDI expanded her vocal talents by furthering her training and familiarizing herself with these and other types of western music.

By mid 2000’s, KANDI had reached the fundamental point in her life, where she was now ready and prepared to fallow a professional singing career. In addition to producing Persian-Pop music, as a result of being exposed to Western disciplines, KANDI has emerged as the First Iranian Female Artist to also pursue to produce western-style Rock and Pop-Rock songs. The impressive variety of genres in KANDI’s music and performances, coupled with her attitude, have resulted in an all-around multi-dimensional artist with no boundary.

KANDI enjoys to constantly cross traditional boundaries, as her debut video titled “DOKHTARE KHIABOONI” a Blood-Throbbing Hard-Rock song, is the first of it’s kind by a Iranian FEMALE Artist. This video has been released on International Women’s Awareness Day (March 8 2011) and is dedicated to ALL Women Across the World. 

KANDI is currently completing her debut album that is scheduled for release in Fall of 2017.


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